We are very excited to launch a reading group around the 8 chapters of the MASS Action Toolkit over the course of 16 weeks. In addition to the downloadable chapters and worksheets that we will post on this blog (The Incluseum, Art Museum Teaching, and Museum Commons will also be posting) , we will have access to dialogue facilitation outlines that the Art Institute of Chicago’s 2018 MASS Action Organizing Team developed for each chapter! You can use these if you are interested in hosting a reading group with colleagues.

Thank you to our friends at The Incluseum for getting this initiative off the ground!

Every other Monday, a chapter and worksheet from the MASS Action Toolkit will be “assigned” and we will meet via Twitter for a 30 minute Tweetchat. The chapters and worksheets will be posted every couple weeks. All you have to do is download the chapter with its accompanying worksheet to participate.


  • Monday 04/15: Introductions

    • Assignment: Chapter 1 and Worksheet 1

  • Monday 04/29: Chapter 1: What We Need to Change and Why

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 1 and Worksheet 1

    • Assignment: Chapter 2 and Worksheet 2

  • Monday 05/13: Chapter 2: Moving Toward Internal Transformation: Awareness, Acceptance, Action 

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 2 and Worksheet 2

    • Assignment: Chapter 3 and Worksheet 3

  • Monday 05/27: Chapter 3: Organization Culture and Change: Making the Case for Inclusion

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 3 and Worksheet 3

    • Assignment: Chapter 4 and Worksheet 4

  • Monday 06/10: Chapter 4: Inclusive Leadership: Avoiding a Legacy of Irrelevance

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 4 and Worksheet 4

    • Assignment: Chapter 5 and Worksheet 5

  • Monday 06/24: Chapter 5: Interpretation: Liberating the Narrative

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 5 and Worksheet 5

    • Assignment: Chapter 6 (no worksheet this week)

  • Monday 07/08: Chapter 6: Sharing Authority: Creating Content and Experiences

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 6

    • Assignment: Chapter 7 and Worksheet 7

  • Monday 07/22: Chapter 7: Collections: How We Hold the Stuff We Hold in Trust

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 7 and Worksheet 7

    • Assignment: Chapter 8 and Worksheet 8

  • Monday 08/05: Chapter 8: Change-Making through Pedagogy

    • 12pm EST: #MassActionReadingGroup Tweetchat: Chapter 8 and Worksheet 8

Want to Participate?

Sign up here! Join us for a Tweetchat! Signing up isn’t mandatory, but will help give us an idea of who is taking part as we explore this collaborative reading journey together.

Want to make your reading journey even more meaningful? Ask a colleague or peer to participate with you. Teaming up offers many benefits, such as increased motivation, and a sense of community.