January Collective Action - Roadmap Check-in

It has been three-and-a-half months since we met in October and as part of the action planning we did at the Convening, we are due in for a check-in. This is an opportunity to reflect and set some goals for the next months to come.

So, in the next week, let’s commit some time to:

  1. Reflect on what’s been happening

  2. Set some new goals for the road ahead.

  3. Check in with ourselves and each other!

In broad strokes, how would you define the last 3+ months: Are you still working towards the same goal? Have you shifted, stalled, leapt ahead?

It may be helpful to consult the Action Map you created at the Convening to check in on the goals you outlined at that time. (Or click on the thumbnail to access a new Action Map template.)

Using the Action Map or a blank piece of paper or whatever works for you, set a goal.
This doesn’t have to be giant.
Maybe you want to start a discussion group; or change the way you organize a program; or revise a policy.
Whatever it is, write it down.
Jot down the people you need to connect with, some steps you need to take to accomplish it, etc. and assign a realistic timeframe in which to accomplish it.
p.s. The Action Planning Worksheet from the Convening might be a useful tool for this part.

Click the thumbnail to access the Action Planning Worksheet template.

Now that we’ve checked in on our goals, let’s check in on ourselves. How are you feeling? Do you have the fuel to keep going?

Have a full tank and loads of momentum? That’s great! Why not share a note of support or self-care strategy with a colleague or the MASS Action network?

Is your tank running low right now? Reach out. Remember, this movement is about us working TOGETHER to dismantle some pretty big systems. We can’t do it alone. Stay connected!

The most powerful thing about MASS Action is the group of people that make up this movement. (That’s you.)

Share what’s working.

We are all learning from each other, so if you are finding effective strategies, please share them via:

  • The massaction@artsmia.org email

  • The MASS Action Facebook page

  • Twitter: (brand new hashtag!) #massaction2019

Let us know if you need support.

We are in this together, so please reach out via FB or Twitter to connect, or email us at massaction@artsmia.org and we can connect you with peers who are tackling similar things.